I am opening for John Davidson September 28that The Me&Thee in Marblehead. https://meandthee.org/concerts/john-davidson/

Upon receiving the offer from The Me&Thee, I googled Davidson and found  a curious fact. John Davidson refers to himself as a ‘secularist’. Though he grew up in a religious home he does not believe in a god – he believes in love and lives his life so aligned. It is none of my business to characterize another’s beliefs so I won’t. https://openlysecular.org/video/john-davidson-openly-secular/

The more I hear from folks who live aligned this way the more courage I gain to seek my own true alignment. I’ve been considering the spirit world from a single digit age on – without stepping into a religious establishment until well into my teen years. I used to go for long walks and sit by the sea contemplating such things, maybe even silently praying. I continue to struggle with my own understandings as I move ‘slow and steady’  inward to my core beliefs. I do admire folks comfortable in their own spiritual skin with no fear of ‘getting it wrong’. I feel bolstered by their confidence.

Once visiting my eldest son and family, we slipped into a discussion of personal beliefs – religious and non – when he quite simply said, “Why not just believe in kindness? Being kind just for the sake of being kind – because it feels good.”

And so I say amen to that – or – so be it – or – let it be so – or – something like that.

Looking forward to hearing/reading more on secularism. You?