Can’t remember well what life was like before so many screens. I get lonely. Do you?

I warded screens off for years. I remember when our youngest was younger I rarely used computers and had no phone until maybe 6-8 years ago or so. Now I spend more time on screens than I am comfortable. Gratefully I have my piano and guitar to go to, so not all is lost.

What did I do with all those hours before? I rarely use my computer for entertainment. But not a lot of time goes by before I find some reason to look up something I ‘need’ to know right then. Most my time is spent developing ideas, materials and strategies for going more public with my work. But I miss my screen-free existence. (Full transparency, I’ve never truly been screen- free, for TV was a big draw for me as a kid.) I still forget to take my phone when I go out. That gives me hope. I rarely look things up on my phone and refuse to use it for loads of picture taking or purchases.

I pass by folks sitting side-by-side staring at their phones. I’ve stood in lines of quiet, phone absorbed companions for whom when I make small talk, seem unusually surprised. I’ve watched parents thumbing across screens waiting at bus stops or playgrounds as their children stand idly by. I wonder (and stew) over how all this technology has affected relations. I have a sneaking suspicion our overuse of technology contributes to both rampant shootings and governmental stalemates. Though I certainly know technology offers LOADS of benefits as well!

But sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all we’re missing out on as we continue to train our synapses toward screens – sometimes it feels like a phoney existence.