I had the distinct honor of accompanying my granddaughter to receive her ‘Rainbow Tiger’ face. It was awarded unto her after standing in line for nearly half an hour while Hopkinton Family Day face painters graced each and every face that came before her with fanciful fantasy features.

I adore the energy of our eight-year-old wonder. Of course I do not have primary responsibility for attending such wondrous energy on a daily basis – and that makes it all the sweeter.

After receiving her rainbow tiger anima, Cora quickly freed herself from her footwear. As we were hundreds of yards from the bouncy slide I suggested she wait until we reached it. She dutifully reapplied her flip-flops, flew off toward unfettered fun and swiftly kicked them off half way there. I retrieved her fluorescent orange rope bracelet a few steps after her flip-flops while trekking toward our destination.

I watched wistfully as youngsters threw themselves down with great abandon off the pinnacle lip of the slide – glee incarnate. And then came Cora with her fierce rainbow tiger eyes – down – done – right back up to the top again – down – done – right back up – her Rainbow Tiger mission.

It came as no surprise to me (well, maybe a bit) when, for her first 3rd grade assignment ‘Hopes and Dreams’, she finished her teacher’s prompt off thusly: I dream that someday I will … be the queen of the world.

You go, Girl!