I watched the whole thing yesterday – the heart wrenching testimony of Dr. Ford and the stomach wrenching testimony of Brett Kavanaugh.

It certainly seems Mr. Kavanaugh, to some degree, has made some better choices since his younger high school and college years. We can be grateful he has made it a priority to amend his ways by giving many women prominent roles in his court. However, due to his, at the very least, quite questionable past, I am stunned there are still those who believe that merits his appointment to our most esteemed court. There has GOT to be a more unquestionably qualified nominee in our nation.

I implore you, in whatever way it occurs, to send energy out toward the representatives of our nation to decide rightly in the name of Love. Though I’m sure Love is not oft heralded as the main component upon which judicial decisions are made, it is the quiet measure by which we decide which of our thoughts and actions are right, true and humane.

Please, Senators, decide rightly in the name of Love.