Last week a family member admonished me for the lack of ‘innocence until proven guilty’ in my Brett Kavanaugh entry – of not including Dr. Ford with him in the statement “I cannot profess to know the lies…told or the truth…skirted around.” (And I come close to promising this will be the last I speak of this topic.)

I get it. But there is still a place for the gut!

The hearing was not a criminal trial. It was an opportunity for me to get a sense of our Supreme Court Justice nominee. I will admit to having a VERY demanding (and perhaps at times less than forgiving) moral compass (abashedly at times more for others than myself – and vice versa). I do depend on my gut. I know enough by now (I hope) to not go wholly on that, but, for the better part of my sensibilities, I trust my gut.

I sense an insidiousness wending its way through our national moral fiber. Not just national – but in our worldwide humanity as a whole. Rules and laws and protocol are wielded as weapons against inconvenient facts, truths and love. Desired outcomes prevail over desire for full disclosure. It’s disheartening, dehumanizing and downright sad.

Until lately, I’ve been woefully unaware of our deep divides. I am always taken aback when I see and sense some things as blatantly obvious and true and other folks see and sense the same things as blatantly obvious and true – and opposite to my view.

It is difficult for me to reconcile opposite gut feelings.                         But I guess I just gut to!