At the beginning of the summer I could only walk feeling significant pain and stiffness in my right ankle – my Achilles heel to be exact. Each morning I resigned myself to the reality of hobbling around until my ankle/heal area loosened up. I felt comforted by the fact that after the first ten or so minutes of running I’d be free of the pain – probably due to numbing out – until I finished.

Now I wake up to a flexible and fluid pain free right ankle/heel due to consistent exercises and massage from talented physical therapists. I am still mindful to step mechanically soundly and to loosen my clenching toes so as not to over-stress whatever those attachments that reach into the calf. I continue to be astounded and grateful.

I went for weeks without feeling much change but the experts assured me things were on the mend – and they were.

And so I take this moment to marvel at the ingenuity and curiosity of our human species. Well – first at the creation of bodies that can large heal themselves when treated with wisdom – by we human beings who perpetually ask ‘why’ and ‘how’.