Navigating my way through the NERFA labeled halls of the Crowne Plaza in downtown Stamford, Connecticut last Friday, I was seeking out the workshop on children’s performing.

I followed all arrows yet came to a crossroads. I looked and looked. Then I listened. A clatter and chatter and chirping of children from the right corridor. With grin in face, I followed their calling.

The fortunate group of Stamford 3rdgraders (and performers) shared an energetic, fun and educational experience facilitated by the highly skilled work of Reggie Harris, Dave Fry, Sally Rogers and Two of a Kind.

Reggie Harris brought slavery and the Underground Railroad to light through singing and riveting storytelling; Dave Fry injected kooky songs with ridiculously marvelous movement into the mix; Sally Rogers introduced her Appalachian dulcimer and songs celebrating kind humanity; and Two of a Kind emceed, getting things going on a welcoming note and wrapping things up with a fun group sing-off.

It’s heartening to witness folks’ fine art of sharing with children.