I don’t know at what age I began lying, but I lied prodigiously. It became such a habit that I began lying no apparent reason. The practice dwindled through my 30s and 40s and more recently I involved myself in a reconciliation process with my past – and principally with myself.

I can relate to all we are hearing in the news as of late as regards lying. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/30/podcasts/the-daily/michael-cohen-trump-mueller-russia.html ‘Seeing the splinter in another’s eye while not recognizing the log in your own’ has become one of my touchstones . I experienced a profound revelatory moment, when once, carrying a monumental judgment against one of our former presidents, I realized I practiced the same thing – the only difference being the scale.

So when on the news I hear the stories of lying to Congress and, when presumed to be at the pinnacle of obligatory truth telling under oath, being accused of being a compulsive liar, though even if it’s not a lie it doesn’t matter because one was not doing anything wrong anyway because it technically wasn’t illegal, https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/29/trump-accuses-michael-cohen-of-lying-about-trump-tower-deal-in-plea.html I’m reminded of my youth, when I forgot what lies I told to whom and covered up with yet more lies that were then questioned because they didn’t match the initial ones, and this is a run-on sentence, and somehow that feels appropriate because it’s feels like a run-on government.

And I can relate to run-ons…because I’ve done them myself.