I was blessed with a rich out doors life in Marblehead as a youth. I remember many winters of big sea block ice undulating with rolling waves rolling back and forth from our little beach. Our little beach.

Can you imagine? (I didn’t have to – and now I know how blessed we were.)

We lived year round on a peninsula many residents back then only summered on.  Not now. Now it’s far more built up with mostly year round residents. In Springs, Falls and Winters we kids had the run of the place. I walked the paths connecting house to house. Stomped on frozen sands of Back Beach; hiked to Baldwin’s castle on the hill where you spied Misery, Children’s and Baker’s Islands; tried keeping balance on sea salt ice covered rocks; Snurfed down Hammond’s hill hoping not to careen off into heartless icy sea waves! I held my own Olympics, hailing from many countries, on account I was there by myself much of the time.

I am grateful for that youthful landscape within. I mourn a bit for this upcoming generation whose youthful landscapes may well be defined by video games. Perhaps I look back too nostalgically on childhood days of, “Get out of the house and don’t come back until supper.” Upon command, we’d wander – sometimes around the grounds – sometimes downtown – the freedom to explore our environs and our ways of dealing with challenges commensurate with that freedom. Without cellphones!

Can you imagine?