My grand niece came to play on Monday. When dropping Millie off, Mom said, “Millie agreed to be a good listener today.” To which I said I would too.

We read ‘Is Your Mama A Llama’; cleared invisible fuzz off metal rods; fixed broken bones; flew to India, which ended up being Norwood; among other things. But by far Millie’s favorite was playing, “Let’s Go Fishing.” We played side by side on the blue couch.

I’ll admit, catching tiny snapping sharp-toothed piranhas swirling on a motorized turntable can be exasperating business. After a couple rounds Millie explored alternatives. She pressed her finger on the disc to slow it down. I suggested that might hurt the motor. She stopped. Foregoing the rod, she stuck her finger directly in the mini carnivores’ mouths. She pinched together thumb and fingers but those little devils slipped out. Eventually Millie stopped the whole thing all together by flipping off the switch.“

“Can’t do that! Cheating!” I said, and flipped it on again. Millie flipped it off. With a mock frown, I complained, “Makes it too easy!” And flipped it on. Millie eyed me then flipped it off. “Aunt Amanda – you’re not being a good listener.” We took a moment. “You’re right, Millie. And I said I would be. I’m sorry.” Disappointedly shaking, Millie looked down and up again. She raised a gently closed fist to her chest, “That hurts my heart.”

I guess we’re never too young..I mean old…I mean…to learn.