We participated in a three-person meditation last night, putting together a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. I love the movement of working a jigsaw puzzle with others. At times it feels like a dance. I found the 500-piece movement markedly different from that of a 1000-piece – more flow – less ponder. 

The puzzle was called ‘Muchos Autos’ and was laid out in a grid of mostly VERY colorful Volkswagen Bugs. I deemed myself the ‘signage’ person, collecting all pieces with writing and assembling them as able.

I love the reach of another’s hand over to abscond with one of your well-worked pieces to place it where it belongs. 

Of course it helps to be working with one more expertly inclined, as my stepdaughter is, who acts as the main generating engine and keeps things moving.

I find great fellowship puzzling.