My daughter gave me ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama for Christmas. It is a rare thing to get an ‘over the kitchen table’ 300+ page talk of another’s life, at once remarkable and down to earth.

Our former first lady writes of a full and enterprising life from her modest childhood through to her last days as FLOTUS. As an epilogue she adds her uniquely measured levity to these days after.

Reading, I felt in the company of both a deepening respect and ache. Because all the while the Obamas were inhabiting our most esteemed national residence, I sensed the presence of quiet, unpretentious dignity and majesty. And though the world be wild and wooly, our national home stood firm, mature and fair.

In her book Obama is forthcoming with those gritty mundane moments we all experience – but there’s a depth and breadth to her and our former president’s understandings that I sorely miss on our national stage.

Theirs are the qualities I wholeheartedly elect into public office. For me it’s a boon to be able to witness such tidal greatness in my lifetime – like the beauty of movement and studied intuition we’ve been privy to witnessing through Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots (Go Pats!) – and I am blessed to have a tangible sacrament of that grandeur in Michelle Obama’s book, ‘Becoming’. Thanks, Luv. Mom.