In my 30s and 40s I thought I’d always hover around those decades. Sunday I turn 59 – almost through my sixth decade. And donning my strangely emerging mantel as elder, I find myself marveling at the refreshing wisdom of youngers.

Recently my House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez caught my attention from her inaugural address before the House. I heard this young, vibrant politician say, among other things, that we do not hold 800,000 workers hostage to their paychecks because we can’t get what we want – especially when most of us don’t want what you want.

And earlier this week I was brought to tears by the talent, humility and good fortune of a young NYU graduate, Maggie Rogers, who was expecting to go home to a mundane job – like I did as an administrative assistant at a douche factory in Gloucester (I leave that imagery to you), but was instead discovered by Pharrell Williams in a master class.

In the NPR interview I heard, she spoke earnestly of her continuing difficult transition into a widespread public life of fame and her sense of loss of her previous more quiet private state.

And I marvel at these youngers who tell it like it is.