It’s not the first time this citizenry proposed amendment has crossed my path. And it’s not the first time I’ve resolutely wished I could press a button and make this whole nation act fairly and for the common good.

Why do Congress and the entire administration not receive the same health care as its citizenry? Why is Congress in charge of voting their selves a pay raise? Why do these federal politicians receive a stipend for life for serving only one term – or multiple terms – in office? The whole idea of the public servant was to SERVE – not BE SERVED. I feel deeply disheartened by what has become a very coveted and lucrative situation for those governing at the federal level.

And, if Congress and the President reach such an impasse that a governmental shutdown is the only option, why not stop their own salaries as a natural incentive for solving their gridlock. If your child and their friend can’t come to an agreement, do you suggest they injure their group of friends until they solve their problem? Where is the common good?

Are our governing bodies more essential? Should they not be forced to come to work unpaid due to their own failings? I don’t foresee intelligence gathering being forestalled, airplanes being grounded, and National Parks being shut down due to Congress and the president not being paid.

Here’s a link to this common sense Proposed 28th Amendment that never will make it to the floor of Congress – because it makes too much sense: