Humility, humble, human – hmmm – they all have a hum to them.

I just finished Fred Rogers’ biography. I undertook the reading, feeling it would be fundamental – foundational – to furthering my humane growth – and it has. In the Epilogue the writer says, “I had come to appreciate Fred during my years in Pittsburgh; it seemed that almost everyone there had a deep understanding of his commitment to children and to the value of human kindness.” (pp 360-61)

That ‘human kindness’ planted itself in my mind. Pretty simple yet, for me in that moment, profound. My self is hardened enough at times that I can’t say human kindness is the first condition that rises to my fore given any number of situations – especially challenging ones.

I think a hum might do it. 

Let a hum act as my sacrament to human kindness – a sacrament being an outward expression of an inward grace – and guide my first response to situations – especially those that trigger inner fears and disgruntlements. I don’t necessarily believe an audible hum would always be the best approach – but maybe an inward one. I’ll try it and let you know. Hum.

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