Gotta love the ways of the human body. Gotta marvel at all its mysteries and wonders. Many of them, of course, no longer complete mysteries due to our industrious, curious, remarkable scientists. But still.

Lately my body has taken to momentarily turning itself into a chimney – a sitting, walking, running, cross country skiing chimney. It’s remarkable. I’m tooling along in whatever it is I’m involved in and suddenly my thermostat cranks to the red zone and I vigorously remind myself I can still breathe – and that’s a good thing. And then it passes and I shrink into a shivering globule – until homeostasis rules again.

Really? This is the plan? Sleeping for a block of 3 to 4 hours and thereupon waking every hour on the hour? Heat rushes followed by tear floods bemoaning my inability to produce babies – at one year from 60? Defrocking and refrocking within a few minutes to manage my personal climate changes?

All right – progesterone, testosterone, estrogen – nitrogen – whatever’s in there – do your thing and be done! Life in this mind is variable enough without all your added chemical fluctuations!