I was singing the name song, ‘Willoughby, Wallaby Woo, an Elephant Sat On You’ – second song in my concert last Sunday. I changed ‘elephant’ to ‘dinosaur’, never liking the visual of an elephant sitting on me. Dinosaurs are extinct and did come in all different sizes.

Right up front were three siblings side-by-side – elder brother, younger brother, and elder sister. Right off the bat, elder brother blurted “I LOVE DINOSAURS!” – his name first – and immediately younger brother’s hand shot up – along with several others throughout the audience. Performer overrode psychologist, and I spread my picks out among various quadrants. The song’s end, ‘Willoughby, Wallaby Wow that’s enough for now,” was met with exuberant applause – and wailing. Younger brother.

Faced with such ardent truth incarnate, my survival instincts kicked in and my egregious oversight was rectified by the entire (thankfully, willing) audience singing a coda verse extolling the injured party’s name and favorite dinosaur. 

Crisis averted. Lesson learned.