All politics aside – which for me may be impossibility – our present American era is causing my inner workings profound cognitive disequilibrium – stretching the horizons of my understanding. 

These past four years I have heard, seen and felt effects from our president and administration that go against every grain of what I experience as humane and just. In no way am I proclaiming all my statements, actions, thoughts and feelings are infallibly humane and just. THEY ARE NOT! But through my growing and learning I’ve constructed an inner matrix of what I know, for me, to be commonly good and decent.

And I am being challenged to accept there are just as strong and determined minds and beings having as avidly developed inner matrixes knowing, for them, what is commonly good and decent – apparently profoundly distinct from mine. 

And these are my companion human beings. My companion human beings with whom I must find common ground in order to respectfully live side by side – all politics aside.