I sat warmed by the sun on our back condo porch up north with Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’ in hand. He opens with the story of being suicidal when suddenly flooded with the knowledge of ‘mind’ and ‘no mind’.

I sense ‘no mind’ is the state most peaceful spiritual folks, who lean toward kindness, discover. It’s not that kindness and love dwell there. I sense it’s our thoughts, worries, grievances, devotions, and associations with all things material and human made lose their prominent placement, making room for radical acceptance.

One of Tolle’s suggestions I’ve found helpful is to observe my thoughts. When I go to this observing place I experience peace. Life feels real when I don’t associate my THINKING with ME. I observe my habitual thinking – mostly negative pressure and criticism directed towards me – and practice not attaching any meaning to them.

That, for me today, is ‘no mind’. That, for me, is peace.