Political affiliations aside – I have found these last few years under our current federal administration to be extremely trying for my sense of morality and humanity. Though in private discourse I do believe there can be some tolerance of ‘no holds barred’ statements, on the public, national, global scale – if a civilization is to maintain civility – no.

But – sometimes when there is a plethora of egregious output from one camp, I appreciate witnessing a well-placed remark – that is – a remark that resonates with my inner leanings while at least maintaining a nod toward decorum.

Hence, hearing an interview with Mark Salter – a friend of John McCain’s with whom he co-authored several books – I smiled to myself.

The interviewer asked for Salter’s views on why he thought Trump found it necessary to persist attacking the deceased senator and war hero. Salter replied, “I don’t know. I’m not a child psychologist.”