Last Friday was a dream come true.

Our home inundated with teenagers from 4 -11pm. Started off with five playing video games on Playstation and various laptops. After some time two moved on to piano and guitar. One energetically convinced group to sit in the middle of the living room floor and play an improvised card game with Uno cards after which they caught sight of Boomwhackers and used them non-traditionally (if you can claim any traditionality of Boomwhackers) in an inside-outside-upstairs-downstairs swordfight. 

Eventually gastrointestinal calls won out and the whole group tumbled out to Bill’s Pizza for supper, returning with two additionals. They hung out for a while when the two latecomers (a couple) left. Eventually some of the original five donned running gear and all went out for a walk/run – to the Cotillion at the High School – which none of them sought to attend. But they came back home with one additional – dressed in a snappy spring dance dress – who they convinced through texts and handwaving outside Cotillion cafeteria windows – to abandon said dance and join them in their escapades. Alerting her parental units, she opted in.

A magnificent pianist, after purchasing and consuming individual pints of (chocolate!) Ben&Jerry’s, a jam session ensued – replete with two djembes. And all were up wide-eyed until 11pm when the last was retrieved by parents.

Like I said – last Friday was a dream come true.