It is rare – or at least in the not too distant past it was rare – that I would rant at the radio in the car listening to the news. 

On Mueller’s release of his report I was 99% relieved to hear there was no evidence linking our president or his campaign committee to the actions Russia took against our nation’s election. I was pleasantly surprised I heaved a sigh of relief – that our nation’s sovereignty and integrity were not eclipsed by personal avarice on the part of our president or his campaign committee – and that I preferred that to his demise. 

And then I heard Trump intended to seek ‘revenge’ against those who pursued the investigation. And I heard Republicans say the process ‘never should have happened’ – as if the decision to do so came out of thin air with no basis in reality or truth. And my rant began.

“Are you joking?! The man, on national television, virtually invited Russia to hack federal level emails; he denied business ties with Russia later found to be that and then some; as president he challenged the legitimacy of our top-level investigative bureau’s findings that Russia interfered with our national elections. What is there not to investigate?!”

Investigate – that’s how democracies remain democracies – or at least some semblance thereof.