This past Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday I played piano and sang for three church mission services. 

I have a struggling relationship with the catholic faith. In the mid-90s, during a very difficult period, I found a spiritual home at St. Matthew Church in Southborough. It was, and remains, a godsend. I do feel the universe is my true spiritual home – and love all our different faiths – and wear faith as a loose cloak – for I believe at my core that we are all concretized energy – richly capable of loving – and that no energy is lost.

I am grateful for spiritual teachings no matter their source. And from this mission I heard – that when we love our loved ones we touch the face of god – that Jesus touted inclusion – and that through marriage we have a friend – and love changes.

And I’m grateful to have my emerging awareness seconded. I am grateful to be with one who is willing to navigate through these changing waters of love with me – from eros to agape, in Christian terms.

I was raised in a culture – both pop and spiritual – that bombards us with dictums and images of eros love as the goal – that first all consuming love of heightened passion and ecstasy. That if we don’t continue to feel eros, something’s wrong.  But I am coming to believe it is when one chooses to love – and stays true to that love – that riches beyond measure are revealed.