For nearly a year now I’ve been diligently following the program my Platinum Physical Therapy physical therapists have laid out for me to rehab my Achilles. 

I don’t know if it’s in every runner – but in this runner there’s this quiet persistent voice that believes when my heel heals I’ll be able to run fast – like I used to.

I began seriously training in my mid-forties after Sam was born. My times were greatly helped by carrying him in a backpack; pushing him in a jogging stroller for training runs; and generally playing vigorously with a thirty to fifty pound weighted mobile being.

In my latter forties I clocked 6:40 miles for my fastest 5K and 7:59 miles for my fastest marathon.

I went out for a run Monday. Part of my rehab is to run one mile at a heightened pace so I continue to load more weight onto my Achilles to let it know it can take it. After a couple miles of easy running I stepped up the pace on our Loop Road that runs by a few of our schools. It was midway between easy running and my hardest. At the end of the mile, feeling like I put in a solid effort, I checked my watch – 8:40.

That quiet, persistent voice spoke up: “But you ran 8 minute miles for 26 miles just 10 years ago! What is this?!”

This is this. I’m going out for another run today – but I’m sure as heck not going to push it like I did Monday!