Sometimes we revert to old ways. I shouldn’t have done it but I did. 

Home Depot once again offered its O% interest free deal if your total purchase reaches certain amounts. It was the final day and I was headed out to a meeting and Peter was out for a run and there were only a few hours left before closing time.

We agreed we were going to DIY the backyard swing set for teens/adults I’d had in mind, but at the last minute I was filled with trepidation that we’d never really get it done and how would I fit those long 4x4s in/on the car in time to still make my meeting?

Then the thought came to me – I bet Home Depot has fully packaged swing sets online. So I Googled it – a veritable panoply of swing sets! Not only swing sets, but geodesic dome climbing structures which I’d been eyeing for a couple years as well as a Swurfer! And by my calculations the payments would only be $60/month for a manageable duration.

Yes Peter and I have an agreement that any purchase over $100 we will consult with one another. No it was not under $100. Yes I went through with the purchase at the Marlboro Home Depot. No I did not consult with Peter. Yes I was going to use my own Home Depot credit card. No I did not bring it with me. Yes I had to call home to get Peter’s Home Depot Credit card number. No he did not ask me what I purchased. Yes I eventually told him the full extent of my purchase. No he was not ecstatically enthusiastic. Yes I was wrong. 

No doubt about it.