Reading the ‘Don’t Label Me’ author’s mind continues to be a paradigm-shifting sojourn for me. It has been a while since I’ve felt so structurally challenged by so deeply evolved thinking.

It is a rather easy read, in that she is in conversation with her blind dog, Lily – but not easy in the sense that it affirms all of my inner stirrings. Ms. Manji has me questioning the liberal terra firma of righteousness I have been standing on for all these years.

With her real life sampling, Manji crashes through my sneaky and rampant liberal leaning stereotyping. Her observations and construings call into question the hardened personal points of view that accompany my willingness to lump all humans, with certain beliefs different to mine, together in one group – to be reckoned with in a certain righteous manner. She calls me toward a more varied terrain to be approached with a sense of mystery. And to embrace that mystery – not by reverting to stale arguments – but by asking another, with no strings attached, why they think and feel the way they do. And listen to their answer. Listen. To their answers – not mine.