My nascent opener for Mom’s Day night PCA gig:

We moms don’t always act divine; Nor manage, even in our prime; To create times of love sublime; Some days it’s just enough; To get by, breathing, on this earth; With those to whom we’ve given birth; Who do, for us, for all they’re worth; Fire proofs, refutes, rebuffs.

It’s not that I mean to complain; For surely it would be a shame; To raise a child whose only aim; Was to do just as we say; But I would not bemoan the fact; If that child should chose to act; In ways that kept our wits intact; Instead of in the fray.

Though if you asked me to speak true; I would have to admit to you; Though there are times my nerves seem to; Hold on by just one string; If I could manage to take pause; I would make note of one main clause; If I be true to this Mom’s cause; I would not change a thing.