My husband runs. Not away – for which I am grateful. But he’s been running since high school and a few years back a running mate informed him he was part of a select group who have run an under 3 hour marathon in each of 5 decades.

Now he’s going for 6.

So Peter has been training for his 2020 goal. This May and last he ran the Pittsburgh Marathon, as his oldest, Alice, is in a PhD program at Pitt. She and her cronies root him on in a luau at mile 15. (This year they drafted a comrade as announcer.)

Peter did not run as well as he wanted. He takes it in stride but evaluates, analyzes and determines best practice for his build up to 2020.

As it turns out, because the Pittsburgh course is tough, only 5-8% of Pittsburgh runners qualify for Boston. Peter won’t look to get under 3 in Boston but, out of curiosity, I looked up qualifying times for 60-64 year old males. Peter beat it by nearly 40 minutes! 

I wish I could be disappointed with a time like that!