A couple weeks back I got to play a set on Hopkinton Town Common for the Celebration of Recovery. It gave me pause to consider all I’ve been given.

September marks 28 years of my involvement in recovery from addiction and depression. Having come close to a brush with voluntarily ending my life in 1994, I am grateful for all community resources available to us to heal.

As a family elder I experience the wrenching deep hearted desire to help those struggling; all the while knowing that family help, though well intentioned, tends to be more hindrance than effective help, postponing vital learning for the struggling one. In many cases we need to hit our own bottom to decide (and, admittedly – not decide) to pursue a better life; earnestly seeking help needed from outside family.

That afternoon, as I sang this song, I was suddenly filled with the realization of all I’d been given from seeking out help and, at least for today, sticking with it to the best of my ability. There is freedom from addiction and depression – though vestiges of both stick with me for life. This daily reprieve offers me opportunities to experience profound moments of joy. And in those moments I know all I’ve been given.

Barefoot on the Moon