WHAT?! …came roaring out from my depths last night, in the middle of making dinner, as NPR reported a group of middle school students had been harassed by MFA staff, guards and patrons a week ago this past Thursday. Why did it take a week for our public to hear about this affront to our human dignity?

Our society is in trouble. When any human beings, but adults in particular, feel they have the prerogative to speak whatever uneducated anti-people/person comments come into their minds at all, is, without question, deeply troubling – but to feel entitled to do so as a staff member, or patron, of as reverent, public and pluralistic a place as a fine arts museum – is a travesty.

99.9% of DNA is the same among all us humans. 0.1% of our DNA varies. 94% of that 0.1% variance is between individuals of like population areas of origin. 6% of that 0.1% is between individuals of disparate population areas of origin.

We humans fire racial slurs at we humans over a variance of less than 0.06% in our DNA.