The good news is there is a cure for our stunted thinking and acting. To footnote – the following is a direct quote from ‘Don’t Label Me’, by Irshad Manji, p.269:

“Most beings aren’t aware that they’re plurals, so they let others define them. But when you’re a self-aware plural, you commit to these actions:

  • You embrace the fact you’re more than your labels and you treat others as if they are, too.
  • You lift the lid on different points of view without pretending that all views carry equal moral weight. They don’t. But before judging your own perspective to be superior, you find out why your Other holds the beliefs that you don’t agree with.
  • You take disagreement as an invitation to engagement. You can’t do this with everything that interests you, but to be true to yourself, you must do it with the one issue that moves you like nothing else does.

Good news.