I make the conscious decision not to blog on politics because there’s such fire in my belly over it. I’ve asked myself, is it because I’m a die-hard Democrat? I don’t think so. I could have voted for John McCain. I voted for Governor Baker.

It’s not political. It’s the person.

I’ve heard friends and family say they overlook the person so long as policies serve their preferences.

For me, means matter most. 

I speak from personal experience. Many’s the time I’ve cut corners, lied, lashed out against criticism, badgered, degraded, ridiculed, undercut, cheated – to get what I want. I’ve practiced all those things and more in my lifetime – though I endeavor, determinedly, not to now.

And – I don’t endeavor to become president.

Yes, we want to work toward having some sensible handle on the flow of people immigrating to our country – but does that mean we can keep children and families in cages – and let some of them die due to neglect – while we work out a solution? Means matter. Yes, we want the most powerful leader of our nation to have the full capacity and reach commensurate with that office – but does that mean we leave un-investigated the truth of actions taken by that person (and companions) to gain and wield that power? Means matter. Yes, we have disagreements with Other and find critique and confrontation uncomfortable – but does that mean we are entitled to cuckold, manipulate, mock and blaspheme them?

Means matter. 

And, may I practice more and more, that

Means matter most.