‘Tatterhood the Musical’ is a project I’ve been developing since receiving an Artist-in-Residency Award from the Margret and H.A. Rey Center, where I completed – in 10 days of uninterrupted work, alone, in a beautiful three story home by a river – its first draft. To date, I’ve lost count of drafts. There have been many.

My dad loved musicals. I’m dedicating the piece to him. His enthusiastic layman’s baritone rings in my ears as the king bellows his songs. 

It’s been at least four years since the rough draft. On this, my self-declared final edit before gathering folks for a read-through, I set myself a deadline: finish by Dad’s birthday – June 12th.

Yes! No!

While grinding out ACT II edits, stuff of real life happened – one of those inner upheaval moments that gives one call for great pause. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that happening both informed and insisted on a significant shift for one of Tatterhood the Musical’s main characters. 

No! Yes!

After resigning myself to the inevitable, I sat down once again to page one. Only 60+ pages to go!