Yesterday I experienced a gold medal Gramma adventure – gift beyond compare.

With an open sky and day, for youngest was venturing from brass camp at Boston College to overnight with brother’s family in Jamaica Plain, I strapped kayak to car roof, heading south. Providence? Falmouth? Sandwich? SNAP! Marion! Paddle Marion to Mattapoisett to surprise granddaughter at sailing lessons. 

My most intriguing view along the Marion to Mattapoisett shoreline was a Dr. Seussian cove of houses built on stilts. My most intriguing experience entering Mattapoisett Harbor mouth was hearing high pitched shrieks, spying two capsized boats in a sailing cluster (Cora’s sailing lessons! Cora!) and paddling to the rescue! Teens – 420s – capsizing practice. ‘Kayak-to-the-rescue’ got beat by ‘Instructors in Whaler-to-the- rescue.’

Paddled up to Cora’s house – stars aligned – Cora was free! 

We ate lunch together – swung with great abandon – held beach ball bat practice – played gruffy ‘mean neighbor’ games – ran knee high low-tide running races (which I invariably lost) – walked/swam out to Sailboat Selkie – and played ‘Beach Bake-Off’ (hmmm – which I also invariably lost – I’m seeing a pattern here!)

Gift beyond compare – to be granted some small part – some small window – into the freedom, fun and fragility of young ones – especially GRAND young ones – especially my grand young ones. (Yours too, I bet.)