Listening to NPR a couple days back I heard a caller refer to an author whose first name was ‘Ocean’. The cellphone coverage was spotty but I heard the words ‘Earth’ and ‘Gorgeous’. I sat (figuratively) on the edge of my seat (I was driving at the time) but the commentators failed to reiterate both the author’s name and the novel title.

I Googled: Ocean, Earth, Gorgeous: Ocean Vuong /’On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous.’  I would pay just to purchase those word combinations, let alone a whole treatise in like verbiage. (There are over 200 holds for Vuong’s novel in the Minuteman Library system.)

I strongly suspect I will be taking time out from my present multi-book series to feast my soul on this young man’s work. I encourage you likewise – then – let’s talk. 

Here is the poem I believe acted as the seed for his novel:

And here’s an excerpt from Vuong’s novel: