Last Friday my husband Peter and I celebrated our sixteenth anniversary. No doubt he’d quip, “Only sixteen? Seems like sixty…”, for me (and him…right honey?) the time has flown.

We tend to take adventures on our anniversary. This year Peter was the planner. We started off running about 5 or so miles through the woods and hills of Waterville Valley. We ‘ran’ up the Bean Bender trail, which peaks on Snow’s Mountain, Waterville’s original skiing hill, and checked out their new ‘Frisbee Golf’ installment, then headed down Upper Snow’s trail to Cascade Path where we passed by small falls and swimming holes.

After our run, we packed lunches and drove off, kayaks strapped to roof (not the dog), to Squam Lake. (Of course before doing so we stopped off at Walmart and bought our obligatory 16thanniversary pots and pans set.)

There’s a wonderful put-in place off Metcalf Point, about 3 miles from Holderness Center. Paddling around, we saw and watched a loon mom and chicks; had lunch on a rock outcropping of a private peninsula whose sign said, “Welcome!”; dove off a secluded, apparently public, dock; and tracked a great blue heron into her marshy sanctuary.

Topping off our celebration, we dined at La Hacienda Mexicana in Waterville that evening. 

I don’t recall having an original one – but I will always remember this sweet sixteen! Thanks Luv.