I do wonder over the wonders of this world. 

How is it one person can embody so much at such a young age? Watching 60 Minutes a couple weeks back I was reminded of one such soul. A young girl named Alma Deutscher

In the interview her dad, an amateur musician, said he thought himself an exceptionally gifted teacher, for Alma, at the age of three, understood everything he taught her about reading and playing music almost in the instant he explained it. He believed this until he realized he was working with a prodigy. Details are out there to be Googled, so I won’t go into them here. Suffice it to say, there is wonder in this universe.

As a parent I hope in my heart this child is able to walk through this life in a manageable, rich way. So far so good, it seems.

What I especially love is that with her prodigious musical abilities she encompasses a social view untethered by convention. Bear with me as I step into one detail that made my heart smile. 

Alma wrote an opera based on Cinderella from age 8-12. However, she thought it foolish to have the Prince fall in love with Cinderella just because of her beauty and small feet, so she made Cinderella a composer and the Prince a poet. The short of it is, he falls in love with her because she set one of his poems to music and sang it to him at the ball.

There’s hope for our species. With young, fresh minds, and prodigious leanings – there’s hope.