Our school system is one of those which starts before Labor Day – a couple days before the Friday we then take off to create a four-day weekend.

The build-up to the first day does set its own rhythm. This year we actually shopped for school supplies and clothes early, due to the threat of tariffs and higher prices. That altered our rhythm in not altogether unwelcome way.

First day morning things moved along swimmingly. Boy was showered and dressed a full forty-five minutes before walking departure time.

After making humus, lettuce, cheese sandwich in a pita pocket I stepped out to the front room for some reason or other. I heard Sam’s footsteps down the stairs, “Uh oh. This could be dangerous.” He held out his lunch bag – presumably from his backpack – presumably from the last time he used it – presumably on the last day of school in June.

We both stood motionless for a moment. I reached out to retrieve it at arms length. Heavy. Oh no.  Unzipping it, I cautiously peered in. An apple – still whole – and not quite fully browned; an empty plastic container and slightly used spoon. Not too bad!

A fortuitous start to the new school year!