I am a democrat through and through. No apologies. Have been all my life. Perhaps swayed by my mother from a young age, though suspect I’m a democrat at heart.

In all of my years identifying as democrat I have never felt as stark and dire a differentiation between our republican and democratic parties as I do now. Parties – not people. Before this vitriolic phase of our national political psyche, I sensed the democratic and republican parties shared a common humanitarian platform, even though policy approach greatly differed. Not so now – partywize.

Our once esteemed democracy is being usurped by moneyed and powerful presences with paltry regard for our public conscience and grotesque regard for filling pockets.

I continue to ache as a citizen of a country whose representation does not see clear to limit military assault weapons to active trained military only; does see access to general citizenry medical care as privilege not right (and is the only developed nation to do so); and does view ‘other’ as if they are not ‘other’ themselves.

We need an overhaul – partywize.