Another startling artist – floored by another innovative engaged and engaging artist’s work last Sunday night on 60 Minutes: Mark Bradford.

As a young boy Bradford took refuge in his mother’s hair salon, eventually styling hair himself. I got the impression he came to art without intentionally knowing he was heading that way.What outrightly struck me was his media choice and passion for meaningful, vibrant and immediate works. His matter-of-factness and industrial devotion to supporting life, his community and dogged pursuit of upholding meaning. Especially sparked by his cycloramic civil war re-working: Pickett’s Charge.

From his personal TV tellings, I picture a young boy taking refuge in Mom’s hair salon, becoming art-filled man buying salon and adjacent buildings, turning healer, unifying and transforming those spaces into a community artfulness whole. 

Life really can be all about transformation. 

Here’s 60 Minutes’ interview: