I read ‘On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous’ with particular devoted ferocity. Receiving the book a week or so before I was able to read it, being fully ensconced in Book 5 of a series, I was finally sat down to it. The beauty of the writer’s words immediately overcame my inner tsunami toward Book 6.

Before setting out on my read, in my initial exuberance for Vuong’s writing, I thought I’d take Sam’s English teacher up on his request for parental book suggestions, by suggesting he consider introducing Sam’s class to the book. Glad I waited till I read it.

Vuong quite aptly – spiritually, emotionally and physically – relays his first sexual love experience with a boy. He was fourteen years old, and for that, I actually think it an appropriate, realistic read for – those teens – and elders – able to accept it.

I pray for the day we, as a society, welcome all aspects of human living, no matter the manner individuals are drawn toward and choose [barring ones harmful to self and other] – but we’re not there yet.