Sometimes my whole being feels infused by the absurdity of prejudice. I am not prejudicial-thought-free. I am grateful for awareness and acceptance of its falsity and choose to counteract it with truth. The other day an inner voice burst out translating:

Immigrants are taking our jobs!”: “Those people who have sacrificed familiarity, friends and family, to come here, from a country where they struggled and suffered financially, are willing to do necessary work that most people in this country are unwilling to do, for pay and benefits far below standards our government deems suitable!” 

“I don’t like them because they’re [a different race]!”: “I don’t like those human beings, who share equal biological potential for achievement, intelligence, action and camaraderie as me, because less than 0.1% of their DNA is different than mine! I mean, tell me you’d keep an open mind and take the opportunity to get to know another whose biological make-up is only 99.9% the same as yours!”

“She’s so butch. He’s a fag.”: She’s a person drawn toward activities and discourse of vigor, challenge, daring and surety, due to inborn leanings. He’s a person drawn toward activities and discourse of aesthetics, domestic living, relations, and sensitivity, due to inborn leanings.”

 People traits – not traitors.