This morning I visited, and delivered a music lesson at, a most remarkable school – The Park School in Brookline. I was observed by six teacher/administrator folks; interviewed with them, and got to witness a momentary snippet of a school culture striving to be inclusive, relational and innovative. The position I’d be filling, if chosen, is temporary – but I pray the impression I was left with is not.

I felt reintroduced to the aspects of teaching that most attract me – supported for creativity; sharing the experience with children without the pressure of statistical evaluation; coming up with lessons that (hopefully) leave one curious.

I recognize privilege affords us an easier ability to give energies, focused attention, and care to helping shape a learning (and living) environment like the one they are building at The Park School. That being so, I so feel particularly privileged to have logged on this morning’s Park School experience into my fibers – no matter the outcome of hiring.