My iPhone tried to perform a coup this morning. 

I am slow to welcome technological wizardry that makes living easier and less ‘hands on’. Hence, even though GPS is available on my iPhone, I still largely depend on my own inner GPS to follow get my utterly lost until I find a compassionate soul willing to redirect me.

This morning I turned right down the road that ultimately leads to Route 9, which leads to the Mass Pike. Shortly after turning, my Australian voiced iPhone guide says, “Continue on to the Massachusetts Pike access road.” I didn’t fully trust my ears. Well ingrained is my regular route to the Mass Pike from there and I truly did not believe my iPhone would tell me to go on the road on which only the State Police are authorized to travel. I continued on. At the T intersection, where I’m to go left under the Mass Pike bridge, my Australian voiced guide says, “Continue on to the Massachusetts Turnpike access road.”

“NO!” I shouted back, “I won’t! What is this? I will not let you get me arrested!”

No response. Coup averted.