I have a proposal!

[Hmmm – these Final Friday posts are beginning to feel as heavy as TuttTutt’s, (our childhood elderly babysitter’s) annual Christmas fruitcakes.]

I find myself writing ‘Ms.’ as title for all women’s names – married or not. Long ago my stepdaughter informed me that the designation ‘Mrs.’ denotes possession by a ‘Mr.’

The other day I was writing ‘Ms.’ for a ‘Mrs.’, when I realized – there is no ‘r’ in the word ‘Missus.’ So – rather than pronouncing ‘Ms.’ ‘Mizz’ – why don’t we, as a society, call all adult women ‘Missus’ and denote it with ‘Ms.’ rather than ‘Mrs.’ (Like Mr. is pronounced ‘Mister’ – and denoted by its first and last letters.

We women do not have to claim ourselves as belonging anyone. Our men don’t. I believe some Spanish-speaking cultures designate ‘Senor’ and ‘Senora’ for adult people with no regard for marriage – though I’m not sure. There are certainly other cultures that do not.

I do understand that all people have the right to declare whatever title (and gender) they identify with. I just encourage women to consider letting the term ‘Missus’ bloom out into an ocean enveloping all women – married and not – and free us from having to publicly identify ourselves as either single, married, or wanting to hide the fact that we are either from the public eye.

Vote ‘Ms.’ for ‘Missus’!