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I was hunting around for outer space songs and came across a quote – actually, a proverb.

I am continually humbled and inwardly embarrassed whenever I feel surprised by certain ideas and quotes coming from certain lands. I am briefly reminded of driving around the city of Boston with two twenty-something fellows from Poland (they seemed ancient to me at the time). My mother wanted to point out our oldest buildings to them. “We have buildings thousands of years old in Poland” – a ‘duh’ moment that stuck with my preteen self – though clearly I have much more to learn from it!

I am unaware of any substantive knowledge or reasoning present in my thinking to back my biases – they are just – there – floating around – making themselves known when catalysts arrive – which one did – yesterday – as I searched for outer space songs and found this quote – proverb. Apparently Serbia is on my nebulous list.

“Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.” ~Serbian Proverb

Grateful to be reminded we come from the same substance as stars – and earth, for that matter – and that those elements form the basis for my most open minded enlightened thoughts – and my less than stellar ones.

[My amends: to hear more Serbian quotes and proverbs.]


Last week a family member admonished me for the lack of ‘innocence until proven guilty’ in my Brett Kavanaugh entry – of not including Dr. Ford with him in the statement “I cannot profess to know the lies…told or the truth…skirted around.” (And I come close to promising this will be the last I speak of this topic.)

I get it. But there is still a place for the gut!

The hearing was not a criminal trial. It was an opportunity for me to get a sense of our Supreme Court Justice nominee. I will admit to having a VERY demanding (and perhaps at times less than forgiving) moral compass (abashedly at times more for others than myself – and vice versa). I do depend on my gut. I know enough by now (I hope) to not go wholly on that, but, for the better part of my sensibilities, I trust my gut.

I sense an insidiousness wending its way through our national moral fiber. Not just national – but in our worldwide humanity as a whole. Rules and laws and protocol are wielded as weapons against inconvenient facts, truths and love. Desired outcomes prevail over desire for full disclosure. It’s disheartening, dehumanizing and downright sad.

Until lately, I’ve been woefully unaware of our deep divides. I am always taken aback when I see and sense some things as blatantly obvious and true and other folks see and sense the same things as blatantly obvious and true – and opposite to my view.

It is difficult for me to reconcile opposite gut feelings.                         But I guess I just gut to!



A fictitious exchange based on actual events:

DAD: Hey Son, we’ve got trail work tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am. Trail cleanup for the Town trails.

SON: But Dad, I can’t. I’ve got [So & So’s] birthday party tomorrow.

DAD: At 9am?

(Son heads off to school. An hour or so later Dad returns from his run. Mom and Dad chit chat.)

DAD: Oh – by the way – there’s Town trail work tomorrow. Son says he can’t make it due to [So & So’s] birthday party.

MOM: Oh – the video game, supper and sleepover one?

DAD: Not 9am?

MOM: Not 9am.


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Love,

I cannot profess to know the lies Brett Kavanaugh told or the truth he skirted around in his hearing. Our constitution prohibits that without a full investigation of the evidence. What’s that? There wasn’t one? Oh.

But this one piece of evidence does counter much he was trying to depict from that period of his life:

I HAVE MADE MISTAKES – some big ones that would prohibit me from being on the highest judicial court in our land (to say nothing of my utter lack of training).

I HAVE LIED! Made some big ones. But, I continue to learn that telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, really does set us free – even when it prohibits us from getting what we want.

I know done is done and cannot be undone. And I must place aside all that feels like it’s crumbling and get on with the life that’s before me. I pray that I may continue to live more and more into “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” so –  help me Love!


May these be the people of the upcoming generations who will wield the most influence in our country. I am so weary of our national inability to accept and respect all with all our differences.

In my severely shortsighted limitedness I held the calcified view that Texas could not foster one such as this – I confess my immense ignorance before thee.

Pretty heartening stuff from a nine year old:



We had our 40threunion last Saturday night. A bunch of us met beforehand at a friend’s house. It is an interesting phenomenon to me how folks you had very little contact with in high school, due to divides erected and conjured through silent but tangible social structuring, become wonderful conversationalists at later reunions. I kept being struck by how much we limit ourselves by limiting ourselves.

Wonderful windows into the make up of others – some choosing San Francisco and Seattle to live in; National Geographic documentary videographer, art museum curator, entrepreneurial documentary film president, wonderful theatrical performer turned nurse, the military, avid ski and athletics enthusiast, personal trainer, riding bikes across Africa, one’s partner a contemporary orchestral composer.

Last Saturday night I fell in love with all we’ve become.


I stand astounded at all that is being revealed through this Supreme Court Justice process.

It’s the lack of a fearless and thorough inventory that I am mourning and missing. An accusation was made. Disregarding consequences that may come from accusations being corroborated or not, I stand astounded that folks can be reconciled to allowing only a superficial knowledge of facts.

When folks with possible corroborating evidence, who have been named by one interviewed, have to call the FBI, trying to be heard regarding the character of a person who may be making decisions for our entire nation for decades, are overlooked by that investigative department established for protection of our national good, one wonders how each and every citizen of this nation can not stand astounded.


Peter reported to me this morning that there is a rash of drunk and disorderly behavior going on in Minnesota these days. That type of behavior is for the birds! Literally!

Minnesota had an early frost this year that led to speeding up the fermentation of berries – and – to the drunken demise of birds.

Birds have been knocking them back and then knocking themselves into windows. Luckily the condition is temporary. All done when the birds finish off the berries.

Might you be up for some Minnesotan Berry Brew?


I watched the whole thing yesterday – the heart wrenching testimony of Dr. Ford and the stomach wrenching testimony of Brett Kavanaugh.

It certainly seems Mr. Kavanaugh, to some degree, has made some better choices since his younger high school and college years. We can be grateful he has made it a priority to amend his ways by giving many women prominent roles in his court. However, due to his, at the very least, quite questionable past, I am stunned there are still those who believe that merits his appointment to our most esteemed court. There has GOT to be a more unquestionably qualified nominee in our nation.

I implore you, in whatever way it occurs, to send energy out toward the representatives of our nation to decide rightly in the name of Love. Though I’m sure Love is not oft heralded as the main component upon which judicial decisions are made, it is the quiet measure by which we decide which of our thoughts and actions are right, true and humane.

Please, Senators, decide rightly in the name of Love.