I have found a heart healing outlet in collage.

I once attended a wonderful workshop here in Hopkinton facilitated by Barbara Kessler and an artist friend. It was a mini-retreat. We had piles of magazines, glue, scissors and I don’t know what else. I entered into one of those personal spaces that seemed to flow completely on instinct. The intellect turned off and I just tore out what I felt like tearing out. I had all these magazine pictures around me in piles then was given a poster board and glue. I started choosing pics, again by feel, and slapping them down where it felt right to. I LOVE those moments – when judgement and analyzing can rest and it just feels like there’s a big YES inside.

I drew this pic for homework in a class in Image and Word at the Danforth Museum in Framingham. We were to sit with a mirror beside us and draw without looking at the page. That is absolutely what I did for the black ink drawing. I may have peeked once. Then I got to play with the big color calligraphy markers my husband gave me as a gift. And words – letting them be as stream of consciousness as occurred (or didn’t) to my mind. It’s been a while since I ventured into so much freedom. It’s good for the heart!