Tomorrow I send the six radio play mixes off to the Foley Artist I found on Toronto Island. Philly Chatterton will add the sound effects to our recordings. In our phone conversation he told me how he made the sounds for muppets slipping on ice over a doorway threshold in one of the Muppet Christmas movies. Very excited to hear these stories come to life even more than they already have!

I had the honor and pleasure of working with Vance Gilbert, Diane Edgecomb, Jackson Gillman  and Judith Black  – all amazing artists! They dove full hearted into each of their characters – Leo the Lion, Queen Teeny Bean, Minstro, Claire from No One Knows Where – to name a few. There are a bunch!

The six stories include stars and constellations in ‘Leo the Lion’; a toy store that comes to life at night in ‘Claire Bear from No One Knows Where’s imagination; a real life treasure hunt for five sisters and brothers in ‘The Pirate Way’; a model airplane based friendship in ‘Celebrate the Colors’; a UFO mystery in ‘Rocketeers Sam and Grace’; and a change of heart for the town of WoodHill in ‘Fixing the Dinosaur”.

The songs companioning the radio plays are replete with brass and sax combos, a string quartet, a young fife and drum corp percussionist, Billy Novick’s penny whistle, clarinet and saxes, Vance in a duet with me; a toy piano, bones (which I first heard played by THE Mister Bones – Percy Danforth – at a folk festival in the seventies), and a fiddle masquerading as seagulls for the pirate song, played by the very talented Larry Young, a fellow tried and true Marbleheader. Percussionist extraordinaire, Fabio Pirozzolo, fashioned a screwdriver from a guiro and snare drum rim  and produced an actual hammer and piece of plywood necessary to fix Evalina the Dinosaur’s statue in ‘Fixing the Dinosaur’. These six songs and stories will I hope bring a smile to your face and some joy to your heart!

I’ll keep you posted for their grand opening!