Researching my musical, Tatterhood by the Sea, I found a rich book of African American Folklore: Her Stories by Virginia Hamilton.

I LOVE hearing the lilt and lift of dialects, languages, etc. Let me quote you a few lines that caught my ear:

*’One way-back day, in a reach among the hills, lay a lowland shady.’

*In the cabin was a whole hum and sigh of younger and elder women. Even a few her-younguns was there, too.

*’They told tells on one another and on their kinfolk, don’t you know.’

*’It was a whole lot of shaking and laughing of her-elders and her-youngers, hair gray or light-colored, and long black dresses, all, the way they look. They made over each other, said nice things, too. They were friendly, mostly, like sisters to one another.’

Made me wish I were a she-elder in that cabin!