Our son Sam takes trumpet lessons. He recently auditioned for Districts. Roger Cagnon, his private music teacher since 2nd grade, is by trade a fabulous trombonist with chops enough to teach other instruments. He brought music into Sam’s life in an engaging, relaxed and exploratory way through improvisation, guitar, piano, drums and trumpet! So when Roger told Sam it would be best for him to find a trumpet teacher who played trumpet, Sam’s heart broke a bit. A strong bond was forged.

And now there’s Danny Venora, fortuitously the son of a high school friend of Sam’s dad, Peter. He’s in the area from Connecticut (by way of Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY) building trumpets in Hopedale. Sam’s hooked.

I wasn’t home for this week’s lesson but Peter relayed a moment he overheard.

Apparently Sam was slouching with his feet crossed while playing. Danny called him on it. Sam said, “But I sit like this in band.” To which Danny replied:

“Well, you may get away with that in band – but I’m right here.”

I marvel at the ways and wisdoms of our upcoming generations.